TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump DHP3600, 199 watts

TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump DHP3600, 199 wattsDetails of TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump DHP3600, 199 watts

Brand : Tetra Pond
UPC : 046798265696
EAN : 0046798265696
Model : 26569
MPN : 26569
Binding : Misc.
Product Group : Pet Products
Publisher : TetraPond
Studio : TetraPond
Manufacturer : TetraPond
Label : TetraPond
Number Of Items : 1
Size : Ponds Up to 3000 Gallons
Package Quantity :1
Package Dimensions : 9.60 x 14.10 x 11.50 inches
Weight : 14.35 pounds
Item Dimensions : 8.63 x 13.15 x 10.50 inches
Weight : 13.60 pounds

Feature of TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump DHP3600, 199 watts

Debris-handling pump can pass 1/4 debris without clogging"

Capable of powering filters, waterfalls, and streams

Energy efficient and UL listed

Fits 1 1/2 ID and 1 1/4" ID tubing"

For ponds up to 3000 gallons
Warranty : 3 year limited warranty

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TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump For Ponds Up To 3000, 199-Watts Customer reviews

Reviews of TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump DHP3600, 199 watts

Tetra Pond DHP3600 is a debris-handling pump for ponds up to 3000 gallons. The DHP's impeller design allows it to resist blockage and pass 1/4 debris without clogging the pump. Clean your pond- not your pump. These pumps are energy efficient and are capable of powering filters waterfalls and streams. They are also oil-free so they will not contaminate aquatic life. For maximum flow use 1 1/2" ID tubing. Also fits 1 1/4" ID tubing. UL Listed and includes a 3-year limited warranty."

Clog-Free Performance

clog free

The TetraPond Debris Handling Pump provides clog-free performance for power filters and waterfalls. This energy efficient pump is engineered for continuous operation and can handle debris up to ¼ inch in size—allowing you to clean your pond, not your pump!

 Max FlowMax Pumping HeightPond Size
DHP 3600 3690 GPH 11.4 Feet Up to 3000 Gallons
DHP 4200 4235 GPH 13.1 Feet Up to 4000 Gallons

How It Works

TetraPond DHP pumps are engineered to circulate large volumes of pond water without clogging. This allows the pump to operate for long periods of time without any maintenance. Water, dirt, and debris are drawn through the quarter inch holes in the large pre-filter cage that surrounds the pump. The pre-filter cage prevents leaves, sticks, and other large debris from entering the pump. It also protects the fish from the pump’s impeller. The open-face impeller allows debris up to 1/4 in. in diameter to pass through the pump without clogging. The pond water with dirt and debris are pumped to an external filter for removal or directly to a waterfall or stream.

Flow Performance

Determine how high you waterfall will be from the pond surface. The higher the top of the waterfall is from the pond surfaces, the less flow will result. Take a look at the charts below for the approximate waterfall effect the DHP pumps will create at various pumping heights.

DHP 3600 flowDHP 4200 flow
Click to Enlarge
internal view

Debris-Handling Technology

  • Rugged Debris Handling Pump impeller can pass 1/4 in. debris without clogging
  • Large basket minimizes blockage and maintenance
  • Energy-efficient unidirectional impeller and motor
  • Wear-resistant and anti-corrosive ceramic shaft for longer life
  • Epoxy encapsulation protects motor from water intrusion
  • Outlet size fits tubing 1-1/2 inches or 1-1/4 inches in internal diameter
  • 15 foot electrical cord
  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz

Pond Tips

Pond Circulation: Choose a pump that will circulate 100% of the pond volume in one or two hours. More circulation will result in better pond conditions.

Filters: Be aware that filters reduce the flow to waterfalls and streams. The image on the left shows water pumped at three feet without any filter restriction, while pumping at three feet with a TetraPond pressure filter reduces flow by about 45%.

flow without filterflow with filter

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