Tetra 26312 Whisper EX 45 Filter, 30-45-Gallon

Tetra 26312 Whisper EX 45 Filter, 30-45-GallonDetails of Tetra 26312 Whisper EX 45 Filter, 30-45-Gallon
Brand : Tetra
Color : Blacks & Grays
UPC : 046798263128
EAN : 0046798263128
Model : 26312
MPN : 26312
Product Group : Pet Products
Publisher : Tetra
Studio : Tetra
Manufacturer : Tetra
Label : Tetra
Number Of Items : 1
Size : 30-45 Gallons
Package Quantity :1
Package Dimensions : 6.40 x 9.70 x 7.40 inches
Weight : 2.30 pounds
Item Dimensions : 9.69 x 6.19 x 7.25 inches
Weight : 1.00 pounds

Feature of Tetra 26312 Whisper EX 45 Filter, 30-45-Gallon

Designed for use on aquariums up to 45-GallonUses Large Carbon Filters

Uses Large Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridges

Ready to use right out of the box Timestrip technology included

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Tetra 26312 Whisper EX 45 Filter, 30-45-Gallon Customer reviews

Reviews of Tetra 26312 Whisper EX 45 Filter, 30-45-Gallon

Whisper EX 45filter

What a Wonderful World

The Whisper EX Series Filtration Systems take the ease of maintaining an aquarium to a whole new level for beginners to hobbyists alike. From its innovative use of Timestrip technology to the new-patented carbon filter carrier, every new feature in this system had been designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. This is truly the intuitive filtration system that keeps your water clean and your fish and plants healthy. With four models available, you will be sure to find one that accommodates your aquarium size.

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These are the 4 WhisperEX Filter models available to you that come mostly pre-assembled.

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The WhisperEX Filter easily hangs on the back of your tank.

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The Bio-Scrubber helps ensure crystal clear water.

The Essence of Ease

It is ready to go right out of the box, you only have to adjust the intake tube to the proper depth and plug it in. No priming of the filter is necessary. The Whisper EX models come with Timestrips that tell you when your carbon filter needs to be changed simply change the cartridge when the Timestrip changes from white to red, indicating the carbon has been used up. Timestrips come free with each filter and the replacement cartridges. All you need to do is press firmly on the button and timing will begin.

There is an easy access door located on top of the filter that stays in place while changing out the filter cartridges and the Filter Cartridge Carrier helps keep your hands away from used cartridges, helping eliminate any unwanted drips. The Whisper EX Filters also have a submerged motor requiring less maintenance than other external models while creating one of the most silent filters on the market.

The Contour of Clean

Whisper EX Filtration Systems have scientifically engineered water flow. The rounded shape creates a circular water flow that prevents sediment from forming in the bottom of the system chamber. Water is forced through multi-density carbon filters that suspend the carbon for greater contact and improved filtration. The filters are designed with a multi-density floss structure that captures a range of unwanted particles. The Activated Carbon in the Filter Cartridges allow for the elimination of odors, water discolorations, and detrimental toxins. Whisper EX models also have Tetra's patented Bio-Scrubber technology. The bristles of the Bio- Scrubber provide more surface area for biological conversion of toxic ammonia and nitrites to harmless compounds and the design of the Bio-Scrubber Cartridge allows for it to be virtually clog-free. The Whisper EX Filtration Systems have the innovative technology that gives the most water contact-to-filter ratio. This will give you the ultimate in water quality, and fish and plant health.

Handy Chart to Help You Pick the Right WhisperEX Filter for Your Aquarium

Product Bio-Bag Filter SizeAquarium SizeCertified Flow Rate
WhisperEX 20Medium CartridgeUp to 20 gallons110 GPH
WhisperEX 30 Large CartridgeUp to 30 gallons160 GPH
WhisperEX 45Large CartridgeUp to 45 gallons240 GPH
WhisperEX 70 Large CartridgeUp to 70 gallons 340 GPH


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The WhisperEX Medium and Large Carbon Filter Refills come in two and four pack varieties.

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